A Look At Dancing: What Has Changed and What Will Never Change

A Look At Dancing

Dancing is a lot like music.  Over the years it has changed yet it remains timeless as well.  It has been around probably as long as humans have been and, possibly before.  When it comes to dance, although much has changed, nothing has changed.

Most every culture throughout the ages has had dance in their history.  Dance is used for many reasons like celebrations, religious expressions, rituals, healing and just for fun.  Paintings of dancing date all the way back to 3300 BC on Egyptian tombs.  It is mentioned countless times in the Bible as well.

There have been times through the ages that dancing was considered a bad thing.  The English ruling over India banned it at one time and called it sinful.  That was in in the early 1900’s but by 1947, dancing was back and the country celebrated…with dancing.

For the most part though, dancing has been a symbol of joy in cultures.  It is hard to say if dancing reflects the era or if the era reflects the dancing.  Even generations are often described by the music they listened to and the dances that were popular like the disco era and swing years.

There are many types of dancing.  Tap, jazz, ballet, disco, country, modern dance and slow dancing are among the many forms there are.  Some people like them all but most of us have our favorites.  Usually, the type of dance one likes is often linked to the kind of music they like.  One who loves Country and Western music is generally fond of two-stepping and the Cotton-Eye Joe.

Are some people born with rhythm while others are plagued with two left feet?  Sad to say, it seems to be true although anyone can dance, some shouldn’t.  It’s hard to say if it’s the lack of rhythm or coordination or if those poor souls perhaps think too much about it or lack the confidence to do it.  Never the less, dancing is not a respecter of persons.  Even those who aren’t great at doing so can join in the fun because that is what dancing is…fun!

Besides, there seems to be something built inside most of us that makes us want to move to the music.  It is just something that takes over, regardless of if we are master dancers or not.

Dancing is not only good exercise, it is good for the soul too.  It has been proven to lift depression and to stimulate endorphins.  Generally, if you are dancing, you aren’t moping around and rolling around in your misery.  It’s a good social tool too.  It’s one of the number one ways that people meet each other and become romantic or at least hit off a great friendship.

Dancing…it has been around since the beginning of time.  It has been celebrated and banned and has gone through many changes.  It lifts your spirits and keeps you in shape.  Dancing is good medicine for life, it always has been and it is looking like it always will be.

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