Dance To The Music: How to Make Dancing Your Career

Dance To The Music

If you are really into dancing, and are really, really good at it, you just might find yourself with a career in the field.  While many little girls want to be a ballerina when they grow up, for some, it’s not just a dream.  What is involved in becoming a professional dancer and where do they work?  Great questions!

There is a nice size market for dancers these days.  They work as teachers in dance studios or in colleges and also on television commercials and shows, in movies, and in other performances as well.  Sometimes they work as showgirls or even in cabarets.

The life of a dancer is not as glamorous as it might look.  There’s lots of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the choreographed body movements.  It may look easy but that is part of the art, making it look smooth and simple.  Trust me though…it’s not.

Dancers not only spend grueling hours exercising and practicing, they also must be careful what they eat and how much they eat.  They need foods that supply energy and health but also, they don’t want to put on a lot of extra pounds as it is usually part of the job, that they be and look fit.

Dancing for a living may require more than just discipline, physical training and talent.  It also very well may require relocating or travel.  Many dancing jobs are in Las Vegas or Hollywood, or possibly even New York City.  If you are considering the part of dancing for a living, be sure that you are willing to go wherever the job might take you.

The skills needed to launch a career in dance are many.  Of course, you need to be able to dance well.  You will also need to be a team player as you will be working with others.  If you plan to teach, you will need leadership skills.  Creativity is huge in dance.  You are performing for others and it will show if you are really speaking through your moves or just going through the motions.  Persistence and perseverance are on the “must have” list as well.

For many dance jobs, a degree is not required.  It is however, desirable and is a good thing to have.  A bachelor’s degree will give you knowledge in subjects such as dance trends, choreography, rhythm and dynamics and it will also school you on careers that are available in the field and what they entail.  You can also go on to get your Master’s if you are so inclined.

It’s pretty much a given that if you dance as your livelihood, you will encounter such things as occasional flops and injuries too.  Hopefully neither are very bad and you will get right back up on your feet again.  If either would devastate you, you may want to second think your decision.

Dance is a beautiful thing.  Some are content to do it or watch it now and then.  Others have it in their blood and those who do may find great joy as well as success making it their life as well as their life career.

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