Fun and Funny Dances Through the Years

Dancing is fun and what makes it even more fun is the unusual dances that have been popular through the years. Finding out how they got started is amusing too.

Have you ever done “The Bump”?  Chances are if you were alive back in the 70’s, you have done it at least a time or two.  The dance was invented by a guy named Johnny Spruce, but no one cared about that really.  Lightly bumping hips to every other beat of the music was the object of the dance with bumps to the derriere, shoulders and most every other body part being done in-between.  The dance was a huge fad and even those who did not usually dance often took part in “The Bump” moves.

The “Funky Chicken” was another craze dance.  It is Swiss in origin but became quite the thing in the Western World.  In the dance, the dancer makes moves…yep, just like a chicken, with flapping wings and the whole nine yards.  It was also called the “Duck Dance” and was a hit in the early 1970’s and even came back for an encore in the 80’s.

“The Twist” was a fun dance that took the nation by a storm.  It was done in 1959 to the song by the same name performed by Chubby Checker.  The song and the dance were loved by young and old alike and still remains a well-known classic.

The “Electric Slide” got everyone on their feet in 1976.  It was a four wall line dance meaning that people lined up in rows of four deep to participate in it.  There have been a lot of other popular line dances through the years too like the Country Western “Cotton-Eye Joe”.  Line dances are fun to do at weddings, birthday parties and practically any other time a group is together having fun.

Latin based dances were the big deal in the 60’s with the Mambo, Samba and Rumba.  The “Cha-Cha-Cha” was huge too.  These were fun dances that are unique and well-defined.  Many are still done on dance floors today,, especially in dance competitions.

Years ago, people were still crazy for crazy dances.  The Jitterbug was one such dance that was popular in the 1920’s.  The Charleston was another during that same era.  The most popular of that time period though was the Tango which is still done to this day on dancefloor across America.

“The Snake”, “The Swim”, the “Hitch-Hike” are all really fun, unusual and quirky dances that have come and gone.  “The Frug” is yet another.  There has even been one endearingly called the “Mashed Potatoe”.  The motions that accompany these songs are pretty much just as you would picture them being.

Dances come and go, they always have and they always will.  And as the fads do pass through, leaving their stamp on the generation, some will always stand out as we recall the era.  The funkier, the more memorable it seems.  I mean, why should dancing just be fun when you can make it…even more fun?

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