Getting That Stage Makeup Off

Theatrical performers, whether actors or dancers, dress for the part. They have costumes and facial makeup requirements as dictated by the director. When you are on stage, you must stand out. I have seen some “natural” costumes that are simple and bare; but for the most part I like to experience a personal transformation of some kind. The attire and makeup add to the magical environment that is the theater. It sometimes takes hours to apply makeup, including eyelash extensions that all dancers where, and hours to take it all off. You want to go home after the show as you are very tired. You want to eat something and chat with your friends who have attended your event. But you must wait. It takes so long just to get the lashes off that you are ready for bed.

There must be an easier way to get eyelash extensions off than just tugging at their ends. After all, the glue, also called adhesive, must stick well and last the entire performance. As a result, you need special removers designed for just this purpose, like the ones here. Normal face makeup remover doesn’t always work. You want an oil-based product that is safe for the eyes with no toxic ingredients. You don’t want it to burn if your hand slips. Read the label when you buy any makeup remover to make sure it is hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin. Eyelashes are not skin, but your solution will be applied to the eyelid. Products for this purpose must be tested and approved. You don’t want to get an eye irritation, or worse yet an infection. You control what you put on your face.

I love the way eyelashes look. They give women those wonderful “doe eyes.” Even if you are sitting in the last row of a big theater, you can see their effects. The eyes are enhanced to look larger and more compelling. You can focus on a dancer or actor’s eyes and see into their soul like the lead in Swan Lake. Facial expression is so important to a stage character. It is all part of a total impression comprised of makeup, clothing, and what is worn on the feet. If you are a veteran of the theater, you have no doubt been many personas. Much of the enjoyment for performers is their ability to take on different characters. Musicians are only themselves. I therefore would prefer to dance, for example, than just stand on a stage gyrating.

Once you know how to get all that makeup off so you can become yourself again, you feel fresh and clean. It all takes a toll on your skin and can cause it to break out. Eyelash extensions, if left on too long, can cause irritation. The glue alone can produce redness. Thus, performers never like to go home with makeup on. It is easier to remove in the theater as you sit before a well-lighted mirror. Actors and dancers share products so you can choose what works best.

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