Let’s Dance: Choosing the Right Dance Class for Your Child

If your little darling is begging to take dance classes, there are a few things you should know about tot classes.  There are a multitude of types of classes, ways in which the classes are taught and very importantly, who the classes are taught by.  All these things are good to be carefully considered before signing your child up for lessons.

Dance comes in all forms.  So do the classes.  Classic dance, modern dance, jazz, tap, and ballet are among the choices you will have.  One way to decide is, of course, to see where your child’s interests lay.  If your youngster hates ballet, it is doubtful she (or he) will excel in it.  On the other hand, if he or she has a passion for modern dance, by all means pick it.

Next is location, location, location.  It is a good idea to pick a class that is convenient to get to.  Keep in mind where you will be coming from as well.  If class will be right after school and you will be picking up another child afterwards, choosing one near the school or next to the second stop might be better than one that is by your house.  It’s all about the itinerary.  Keep in mind that if it stresses you out to get your child to the class, your child will be a stressed mess as well so keep it simple.

Another option is that there are often times classes that are offered at daycare if your child goes to daycare or preschool.  Sometimes classes are even offered at school as well.  It’s certainly worth checking into.

Who is teaching your child is of upmost concern. Especially if you will not be staying for the lesson, be sure to get references on the teacher.  That may sound a bit extreme but when it comes to our children, we should be these days.

Something that is often overlooked is the level of the class.  Some classes are more serious than others.  If your child is one that is very focused and wants to excel, an advanced teaching class might be just the thing for him or her but for one who is content just to have gone to class and participated, somewhat, the intensity of a more advanced class may turn him or her off.

Speaking of “him or her”, don’t rule out letting your little man take a dance class.  Many football players and martial arts enthusiasts take dance.  It is only for sissies if you make it that way.

When you sign your child up for class, be aware that you are signing yourself up too.  You will most likely be attending recitals, purchasing dance gear and most of all, encouraging your child to bloom

Dance is good exercise.  It is also great for the mind, for self-esteem and for overall coordination.  It teaches discipline too.  Dance is a great activity and with a little thought and planning, your child should be in for an awesome experience.

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